Friday, December 7, 2007

Floating Chair

This pictures were taken when I was studying for SPM.

A floating CHAIR! This happened when I got up from my chair and the chair flips 45 degrees and hangs on, like some kind of breakdance freeze!

I have taken the front, back and side view of it to show there were no obstacles holding on to it.

Except... for my long pants...

The yellow arrow indicates the long pants was the cause of the floating of the chair. Wow, I didn't know my pants was that tough. A high quality pants? Well, too bad... it is too short for me because I am growing taller and taller. =)

Monday, December 3, 2007

James Blunt Parodies

Haha, can't stop laughing after watching these James Blunt Parody videos.
Title: You're Beautiful

She Was Beautiful

Bloody Cold

I'm Beautiful

To check on the lyrics, go to these links:
(She Was Beautiful)

(I'm Beautiful)

Sorry, the lyrics for the 2nd, Bloody Cold is not available but I still have the link,

(Bloody Cold)

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Kitaro Love & Peace Tour

SPM is over! Its time for me to chill out! Tickets for Kitaro's Love & Peace Tour have been booked and I'm ready to go to...

Don't know which picture to use as my header so I used all of them...

Pretty lightings everywhere and Christmas is just ahead, decorations is a must!

I'm pretty sure he will agree with this, lol...

Purchased our booked tickets and the only thing to do is wait...

The performance starts at 8pm, so we sat down at Kenny Rogers for our dinner.

After our dinner, the time was almost 8pm. We head on to the Arena of Stars.

We will be heading to Gate B.

It was 'memang' cold there and the mist is at its maximum point.

If you were in the theme park, you wont be able to see a thing unless you go near to it. Dangerous but fun, haha...

Posing... with the entrance.

Sister was suffering from the cold because of wearing a skirt, no protection to the lower legs. Plus, she had to hold down her skirt preventing it from floating. Haha, you should have listen to your mother... =P

Princess? *Cough...cough...shit...cough*
Ok la, pretty la. =D

Parents, so sweet. =)

It's time for us to enter the arena!

*Maybe we're trying, trying too hard. Maybe we're torn apart. Maybe the timing is beating our hearts, we're EMPTY...* Lol, loss my concentration... by the way, I was singing a song by The Click Five, Empty. Nice song! =)

The instruments they had ready on the stage was FREAKING COOL!

'Empty' was the word I was referring to the arena, but just a few more minutes to 8pm, audience kept on entering...


Oh yeah, forgot to mention about my sis. Before the show started, there was a few man walking around the place selling ice-creams, Conetto. She wanted to have an ice-cream even though she was feeling cold... She doesn't have any money with her and coax me to lend her. Until I hold on to the ice-cream cone, I asked how much? The man said "5 ringgit" OMG! Thanks to her lackadaisical decision, I just wasted my RM5 for an ice-cream with the price of 2 ice-creams... I thought it would be RM3.00 somewhere there but RM5 is too much... Well, everything is raising the prices because of petrol and flour and bla bla bla... At least she paid me back my money which make me losing nothing except for stupidity for lending her money.

The clock strikes 8pm and the house lights was getting dimmer and dimmer and finally it was completely dark. A beam of light shines straight to the stage and there was him, our Master Kitaro. Greeting us by bowing and he starts off with his meditation by using a pair of steel sticks to hit the empty steel bowls.

From big to small bowls he hit, his soul was absorbing some kind of energy. To get his FEEL. Yeah man!

The stage lights was so cool with icy blue lights shining on him and a background of twinkling light bulbs like stars.

He stands and continues with a flute. He blows and blows and the music starts when the pianist and keyboard plays the heavenly sounds. Sounds like "Haaarrrr", I CAN'T IMITATE BY TYPING LA... sounds softly something like Enya. One of my favourites too.

The stage lights was getting more and more exciting.

From flute to keyboard himself.

And then to big instruments like this big and long trumpet where it goes like...

Similar to elephant's voice. That song was like when your in a war.

He went to gigantic drums like this gong. It was the most attractive instrument among others.

The first word came out from his mouth was "EEEeeeeYYoooooOOHHHH", LOL. Getting the crowd excited, he said that and then he whack the gong twice with the drumming sticks which is larger than normal ones. Well, duh... you don't use chopsticks to whack it...

Besides the guitarist, there was another guitarist...

It was Kitaro again!

He plays all sort of instruments which it makes him so cool.

All of them plays passionately and I am impressed by the performance especially when they play their most popular song. Matsuri! Yeah baby!

Te tete..., te tete..., Te tete..., te tete..., Te tedetedeete De dete, De dete... Yeah... I really can't imitate sounds by typing...

This picture was caught blurry and seems like the guitarist jumped. Did he? Or did not? The answer is... figure it out yourself...

While playing Matsuri, 2 guys in front in the VIP seats stood up enthusiastically and waved and clapped their hands. This was the song where it gives the best excitement to the crowd.

After Matsuri was played, majority of the audience including us stood up and applause. It made Mr. Kitaro grateful and he took the mike. I thought he was going to sing for us! Unfortunately, he gave a speech instead. Aww, it doesn't mind if the lyrics is in Japanese. I know I'll love it!

He introduced the band and told us he will be coming back next year! WOOHOO! He spoke in English but it seems to be he is not use to it yet. It is already good enough that he can speak in English. I can't speak your language except for inchi, ni, san, shi, go, ro-co, shi-ci, ha-chi, kyu, ju which means 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. KuusooH!

The atmosphere there was getting great. He played a total of 10 songs. Incredible!

The audience leaves with great impression and enjoyed every minute of it.

We got a chance to get pictures of the stage!

He is the guitarist. Once in a close view, turns out he was English and I thought he was Japanese. Oops!

Guess what is he doing?
He is throwing his guitar picks to the people in front. I didn't got the chance to have it because he was throwing it in the wrong direction! Arrr!

They gave a bow to the audience after their incredible play.

Here are some videos that we captured. Actually, illegally captured it. My sis was caught capturing videos of the play three times I think... who cares? This is Malaysia! =D

Its kind of dark though...

This was kind of like rock so it was kind of boring. But he ends the song with a peaceful music. Didn't got the video of Matsuri. Sigh... Meet ya next year Kitaro!