Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Sunday's Journey II

After leaving the restaurant, we travelled quite long and we visited the KEROPOK LEKO FACTORY, actually it's quite a small factory. Here are some pictures of the factory.

Workers doing their job as we take pictures of them.

More workers...

And more workers...

Keropok that looks like long, long sausages or 'Lap Chiong' or... ya that, I know what you're thinking, YUP, that... *whisper* shit... long ones...

My father bought some of the Keropok Leko. The price is cheap, 50 pieces for only RM 5.00!

After purchasing the lekos, we continue our journey again... We went to an area with full of beautifying flora.

Stems, not flowers...

Looks like Lychee.

The best part of our journey was passing by a terrifying house, can't say house, should be MANSION. Especially the gate, it was COOL and it is similar to the movie Lord of the Rings.


While we're watching and examining the house, we saw a banner nearby an empty land.

I'm helping this fella to advertise, haha... So, if you FAIL your add maths, call this fella...

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Sunday's Journey I

Today, me and my family woke up at 11 AM. Once my father woke up, he say we will be going to Jalan UKAY for lunch with our neighbour, Uncle Francis & Aunt Theresa. Isn't it weird that we skip breakfast and straight to lunch? The restaurant is popular for it's BEGGAR CHICKEN! MMM~~ must have a try!

Once arriving to the restaurant, I was confused.
It's actually beside of the main road. Suspicous place...

The entrance of the restaurant. And some layout of the restaurant.



WHAT THE?!?!?!?!??!


A cave??!?!?!

A house? The workers lives here?

I was wondering did we came the right place? OMG! We're LOST! A construction site! I investigate properly and realize there is name for the restaurant. We all settle down and my dad was ready to order. I didn't heard my dad order the BEGGAR CHICKEN! WHAT THE? My dad said that he already booked the chicken yesterday. OOOooo... no wonder there's a phrase 'BOOKING ONE DAY IN ADVANCE' just below of the restaurant's name. It is because of it's FAME. If we didn't order yesterday, there wouldn't be anymore chickens for today.

The best part of the restaurant is their cooking utensils. We use wok, ladle, forks and spoons, they use hammer, spanar, bricks, sand, mud and a whole lot more... The layout of the restaurant that we saw was actually the part of the kitchen. Woo... Their style of cooking the BEGGAR CHICKEN!

First, wrap the chicken with a few layers of plastic and paper. And cover it with mud or something and dry it to harden the mud surface like a CACOON.

The uncle buries it in the heated up sand.

After a few minutes, he dig it up and ready to be served. But before that...Cracking the CACOON-liked thing is another thing to do before serving. This is how it goes...

Ratings: 9 / 10

TADA! The BEGGAR CHICKEN! Hot and ready to served... VERY NICE! Soft and tasty wine smell.

Ratings: 7 / 10

Before having the main courses to be served, we had our appetizer, THE ACAP! We ordered two because it's good.

Ratings: 6 / 10

The Oyster Rice. Glutinous rice with oysters and mushrooms to feel up your tummy. Not bad...

Ratings: 9 / 10

The Pe Pa Tofu. Very nice! Cruchy, tasty and of cause nice AROMA!

The Tofu is also served with their very own chilli sauce.


Ratings: 8 / 10

The Country Fish.

At first, I kena zhar dou... The meat of the fish is like 'Fish Biscuit'. At least it was good and BONELESS!

The looks on the face... Priceless!

Ratings: 7 / 10

Vegetables. They're sliced in big pieces.

Ratings: 6 / 10

The Chang Seng Pu Lao Soup. Drink this and you will live longer? Let's see...


Chang Seng Pu Lao Soup served in little bowls.

The head of the BEGGAR CHICKEN. Poor little thing... kena wrap, heated, and eaten. At least your tasty, haha...

Chicken declaring WAR?

Ratings: 10 / 10

On the beverages, we have chinese tea and I order additional Coconut drink. PERFECT Coconut, fresh, soft, sweet. Must try their coconut while you're there.

Everyone chattering after meal. A few minutes later, we call for the bill.

Beggar Chicken - RM 45.00
Oyster Rice - RM 22.00
Country Fish - RM 25.00
Chang Sheng Pu Lao Soup - RM 22.00
Pe Pa Tofu - RM 6.00
Vegetable - RM 12.00
Coconut - RM 3.50
Acap - RM 4.00x2= RM 8.00
Chinese Tea - RM 5.00

And the total is RM 148.50. It's worth it for an excellent meal.

Time to leave the place. Lol, Uncle Francis fooling around, haha...