Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Korean Obsession

These few weeks as you guys and girls can see I've been listening to Korean songs all this while. Yeap it's nice when my Korean classmate, Min Joo sent me loads of Korean songs by Younha and slowly i start to like them then after that I love them! Lol... Then I research more on her songs and lead me to different artist. Jisun is another one I love! Having emotional and sentimental feel all along in my house, in my car and with my handphone haha... I even called Min Joo to print out the lyrics of my favourite song and translate to me =P. I can almost sing the 1st verse without the lyrics =) WEE! I do not know why am I sharing these with you guys but you might love them like I love them.

Try these few artists :
1. Younha 윤하 , nice vocal-nice music-cute & pretty
2. Jisun 지선 , not bad vocal-emotional
3. Epik High 에픽하이 , mostly rapping but not bad with the combination of the music-nice & creative videos
4. Kim Dong Wan (I don't know...) , nice vocal-sounds like Korean's secondhand serenade-handsome
5. Ock Joo Hyun 옥주현 , nice music-ok vocal

And here comes Jeon Ji Hyun! Hot actress! ARRR!

Lol... obsess with Korean people now.... O.O
Oh yes, Min Joo you still have to teach me more Korean words! LOL!