Thursday, November 20, 2008

Insects Having Fun

Who wanna challenge me in taking a rare picture like this? Must be taken by self... mwuahahaha

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

All About Art (AAA)

My self-portrait, drew it while looking at the mirror, kinda fat though...

Musculature figure also known as "muscle man", that's what my sweety calls it, lol...

Another "muscle man"

Clock designs for Design- Lecture 2...





See Jek

Zhi Ling

Mei Linn


Zhan Yang

Mei Kheen

Wai Yern

Kar Leong


Kok Kin

Ka Long


Ice Kacang Tunnel! =D

Did it with my sweety, haha... =3

Some kind of drawings found on the white board in mannequin studio


Spongebob in skeletal mode


Mr. Crabs


This is a good one. Leonidas, but with that pigtail? I have no idea...

A designed post box somewhere I found in SS2

Gavin posing with the "heart-breaking letter"

Sausages ready for Halloween party in HELP college

All designed too, looks like flowers...

Sis with her creation

Something I did during Design- Workshop 2 class

The original picture

Rubber ducky

Anime char, tak tau apa tu...

My favourite, Predator

Gangster O.O

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Yes, Its Getting Bored...

Sorry for the lack of posts...

I'm like a cat now... lazy to post stuff up in my blog...


Gotta get up!

Spot ya! Gonna crap a poem for you =D

Assignments keep on coming in non-stop,
I'm rushing non-stop
and do not know when to stop...
Thinking of when can I be at the top,
Seeking for a job,
Painting with gouache,
Details are still not easily to spot,
Brain is still like a flower pot,
Accumulated in a small pit and rot,
So, be brave and get to the top,
Before that we have to be opt... (optimistic)

I bring you sexy back! Nonono... sexy cat... ;)