Friday, July 11, 2008

Bundaberg Root Beer

, the best root beer I drank so far. I got it from Marche in The Curve, a rare kind of root beer over here because its imported from Australia. Cost me RM6.20 per bottle. I guarantee you it is worth drinking, better than A&W. It got that super-cooling effect.
Anyone knows where to buy this any other places, please contact me.

Gay Community Conquering The World?

Just a few days ago, heard some of my friends said that gays are increased to 1% of world's population and another said...

"Where got so little? 5.5% la!"

That means about 1000 people there is 1~50 "Gay Lou". Now I'm getting scared to come in contact with a male stranger or even to the men's washroom. Of course not my friends =) (except for one... confidential)

One of my friend got into 1U's toilet and a 60 year old guy flashed his dick to him. After hearing that, I wanted to reformat my brain...

Another case was... while working in Starbucks, a male customer entered and orders a drink and I wasn't the cashier luckily. The guy said to the cashier about the manager, "He looks cute..." WTF?? The word "Guy" became to "Gay"......

The last one was when my sister came back from college, she straight away tell me about that Wentworth Miller aka Michael Scofield was GAY!!! TE DEH!!!! I was like shit! I love Prison Break! But... with a gay actor which looks so cool... Maybe thats why Sarah refuses to act anymore and wanted to die in the series. No meaning giving the paper crane to her which represents his "gayness".

If you're a GAY, please do read this... Can you really not be changed? God gave us gifts like that "thing" for our own families, and you try to ruin your own live by not using it in a good way... THINK dude!

If you're a GUY, please do read this... Stay the way you are and be happy what you are doing but have to care about not going too far either by raping or whatever... (Men raping men, I heard that before...) Oh, and beware of going into the washrooms. You might find something "tingeling" around...

I apologize for any heartbreaking words or the way I insulted you, but at least... try your best!

Birthday Around The Corner

My birthday is near, who is going to celebrate for me? I really hope that I can get a PS3 from anyone or at least a new computer with an above average performance computer for my future usage. It is really useful for my course that I am dealing with. My old computer can't even use Illustrator, and that is a big problem for me! The main detriment is that it runs TOO SLOW!

Hope to see my friends altogether celebrating with me again :)

Happy Birthday to me,
Happy Birthday to me,
Happy Birthday to Leonard,
Happy Birthday to me.


Sunday, July 6, 2008

Hancock Immitation

While having a supper time in Kanna Curry House (gotta try their Roti Canai, its good!) near Green View and Nanking Restaurant.

This happened...

, 15% look-a-like because of the beanie...

Mum didn't got to wear cause was ordering food and stuff.

Sis, 10% because Will Smith doesn't have long hair... too bad sister...

Well, I don't look like Hancock either... Hah!

Insane Friends

This is Hua Yuan... A crazy guy who talks crap but professional in drawings. Yea... designers must have fun! :D

Mike Tyson or Muhammad Ali?


On the top will be Chun How, the following one will be Hua Yuan... and the last Hon Wai. Playing curtains in The One Gallery...