Friday, August 31, 2007

Happy 50th Birthday To Malaysia!

Malaysia Flag, Our Flag!

HAPPY 50th BIRTHDAY to our country, Malaysia! We had independence for 50 years so far. Keep on supporting Malaysia! Even different species are supporting!


Guide For Dummies, How To Eat Your OREO The Right Way

Chen Ghee bought a pack of OREO from 7-Eleven. I just posting this for fun. And I am posting about how to eat OREO the right way. I guess you guys already know how to eat it right? For those who doesn't know, watch and learn! This is a guide for dummies...












DIGEST IT! Learn your biology!


SHIT IT OUT! Just don't shit it outdoor like this guy did...

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Restaurant Yan Yan

Just a kilometer away from my church, FGA,at Old Klang Road there lies a restaurant, Restaurant Yan Yan. It serves 'Dim Sum' 24/7, and when night arrives, it starts to give out seafood dishes with 'Dim Sum' still serving on. The owner of the restaurant said that his 'Dim Sum', very nice and it came out it was... ... NICE! Let's start off with the common 'Dim Sum'.

Ratings: 9 / 10

'Siew Mai', its much better than the previous 'Dim Sum' restaurant I ate. Forgotten which one...

Ratings: 8 / 10

I apologize for the bad blur image I took. This is another 'Dim Sum' similar to 'Siew Mai'.

Ratings: 9 / 10

Porridge for a clear and fresh morning for the day is the best together with 'Dim Sum'.
Now here comes some fried stuff...

Ratings: 6 / 10

Actually I don't know what is this but it comes with mayonnaise.

Ratings: 7 / 10

The bread crumbs are mixed with yam in the inner part. Crunchy equals perfect.
And now, soft chewy food...

The Custard Pau.

Let's check it out!

Ratings: 8 / 10


Another Pau, Char Siew Pau. Let's check it out!

Ratings: 8 / 10


Ratings: 6 / 10

And some stomach filling food, the glutinous rice. This is the one which makes you bloated.

Ratings: 8 / 10

Here is a special one. Meat with 'Lai Yau' sauce, finally tried something different and I will give a total of 8 marks for this.

Ratings: 8 / 10

DESSERT TIME! Some fried, sweetener. Got a lot of thin little layers from top to bottom just like curry puff. I recommend this place to all of the 'DIM SUM' LOVERS!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Beware Of "Unknown" Caller

People in Malaysia are receiving a lot of anonymous calls from a caller called "Unknown" since last few months. I am here to warn YOU! Do not give out any personal information or any other things. Some Malaysian got scammed, money scam. A total of RM 20,000+. This call comes from Hong Kong a company name call "Difenni" in chinese. "Tiffany" in english, a company selling jewelry. Their number can't been seen by a normal cellphone because they had hidden it. They will speak you in mandarin, and they will talk about a "LUCKY DRAW" competition which is FAKE, and congratulate you that you had won a prize money bla bla bla... Cocktalkers... I received this call just 2 days ago and realize that the call was same as Kenny Sia's. So, next time if any of you guys got this kind of calls, just ignore them OR for more FUN, play around with them just as same as Kenny did, HAHAHA! To check out what did Kenny Sia did to them, click HERE. Check out the video of their conversation. The best part was when he told them about his company name "KANINA CHEE BYE", HAHA! I nearly laugh my guts out... Anyway, I believe that we won't do such a stupid thing believing those cocktalkers talking about the "LUCKY DRAW" thing...
For more prove visit this website, HERE.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007


I suddenly received a book from a postman. My mum told me she bought it for me, haha... Bought it with Bonuslink points something like that...

And it was...

I realize that this book is for...

Like 5 year old kid's thing... But Transformers is seriously cool and nice! Oh wth!

Know what I mean?

Too blur... I got sucky cellphone camera.

This is the first one I constructed.

The Camaro Car.

Built it badly... first time... especially the front part, it was the hardest to put it together.

Bumble Bee.

Complete! Standing straightly. Kinda look like 3D.

The Police Car.

This was much better.



Devastation begins!


The Truck.

Optimus Prime.

Protect the humans!

You hold within your power the fate of both our races. I implore you on behalf of all Autobots- join our cause!



To punish and enslave...

We learn our talking skills from the WORLD WIDE WEB!


We live among Earth's people now, hiding in plain sight... but watching over them, in secret. Waiting. Protecting.

From a conflict that has spanned galaxies for almost 10 million years, the Transformers wage a galactic battle. Two groups of Transformers oppose each other- the Decepticons, who strive to conquer and rule; and the Autobots, who fight to protect and preserve.

This war has found its way to Earth. Over one hundred years ago, a strange, giant robot was found frozen in the Arctic Circle. Shorty after the robot was discovered, it was called ICE MAN
, but its real name was Megatron. Now, other Transformers have come to Earth in search of the robot and the mystical force called the Allspark.