Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Clinic On Top Of Megah's Secret Recipe

Ming Xiang got some sprains in his legs & arms. And his father called him to go to Megah's clinic just on top of Secret Recipe. This clinic is run by Dr. Teow. He do the China style kind of healing like piercing needle into the sprained parts.

The Acupuncture Chart.

Beds for patients.

Ming Xiang got some needles into his sprained parts.

His sister kept laughing at him.

Ming Xiang got a lot of pain at first, then he say he got "shuin"? It's that right? And he was paralyzed. Can't even move a muscle, haha...

2 needles on the hand.

4 needles on the left leg. And 1 on the other leg.

This treatment cost RM 15.
I won't dare to go there.
I rather stay at home and wait for the sprains to fade away, haha...

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