Sunday, August 26, 2007

Beware Of "Unknown" Caller

People in Malaysia are receiving a lot of anonymous calls from a caller called "Unknown" since last few months. I am here to warn YOU! Do not give out any personal information or any other things. Some Malaysian got scammed, money scam. A total of RM 20,000+. This call comes from Hong Kong a company name call "Difenni" in chinese. "Tiffany" in english, a company selling jewelry. Their number can't been seen by a normal cellphone because they had hidden it. They will speak you in mandarin, and they will talk about a "LUCKY DRAW" competition which is FAKE, and congratulate you that you had won a prize money bla bla bla... Cocktalkers... I received this call just 2 days ago and realize that the call was same as Kenny Sia's. So, next time if any of you guys got this kind of calls, just ignore them OR for more FUN, play around with them just as same as Kenny did, HAHAHA! To check out what did Kenny Sia did to them, click HERE. Check out the video of their conversation. The best part was when he told them about his company name "KANINA CHEE BYE", HAHA! I nearly laugh my guts out... Anyway, I believe that we won't do such a stupid thing believing those cocktalkers talking about the "LUCKY DRAW" thing...
For more prove visit this website, HERE.

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