Wednesday, August 22, 2007


I suddenly received a book from a postman. My mum told me she bought it for me, haha... Bought it with Bonuslink points something like that...

And it was...

I realize that this book is for...

Like 5 year old kid's thing... But Transformers is seriously cool and nice! Oh wth!

Know what I mean?

Too blur... I got sucky cellphone camera.

This is the first one I constructed.

The Camaro Car.

Built it badly... first time... especially the front part, it was the hardest to put it together.

Bumble Bee.

Complete! Standing straightly. Kinda look like 3D.

The Police Car.

This was much better.



Devastation begins!


The Truck.

Optimus Prime.

Protect the humans!

You hold within your power the fate of both our races. I implore you on behalf of all Autobots- join our cause!



To punish and enslave...

We learn our talking skills from the WORLD WIDE WEB!


We live among Earth's people now, hiding in plain sight... but watching over them, in secret. Waiting. Protecting.

From a conflict that has spanned galaxies for almost 10 million years, the Transformers wage a galactic battle. Two groups of Transformers oppose each other- the Decepticons, who strive to conquer and rule; and the Autobots, who fight to protect and preserve.

This war has found its way to Earth. Over one hundred years ago, a strange, giant robot was found frozen in the Arctic Circle. Shorty after the robot was discovered, it was called ICE MAN
, but its real name was Megatron. Now, other Transformers have come to Earth in search of the robot and the mystical force called the Allspark.


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