Thursday, August 16, 2007

Soccerthon Day

It was Soccerthon day, and it was extremely hot that day. Soccerthon is where all the students put their effort on sponsoring money to the school, SMK Taman SEA. Some of the money collected are for building up more wall fans, repairing school compounds and a HALF basketball court! What! Others are acceptable but a HALF basketball court is a BIG disappointment! Who plays basketball with only half a court... It would be boring... Anyway, the rest are for charity I think...

Other than sponsoring money for the school, we can form a soccer team and have some fun challenging with other forms and classes. The only thing is, you need to have a total of RM 1000 to form a team... SIAO! Our class manage to cover it and we formed a girls' team. It is a 5 on 5 futsal game with some substitutions. There were 8 girls, Joyce as the goalie, Yi Ting the defender, Beatrice & Christine as the midfielders and Rina as the striker. On the substitutions are Tracey, Janice & Hui Peng. And they named their team "AFTERGLOW".

After kept on winning a few matches, they qualified to the FINALS!
Their opponent, errr... don't really remember the name... I only know that their skills are almost similar, and the AFTERGLOW's got a competitive match.

The match began as we (supporters) sat aside to watch and cheer for them. All of our players played except for Hui Peng the naughty girl didn't even touch the ball... Only knows how to stand and watch.

Rina ready to blast the ball.

The team also prepared some refreshments, erm... too many refreshments... Just like having a picnic in our school field.

Got what I meant?

Joyce had her pizza sauce all over her mouth & lips. Haha...

Eventually, AFTERGLOWS lost to the final opponents, but at least got 2nd place. The girls was last year's champion anyway... We got a one great team, hehe...

After giving away prizes to them, we got on to Yi Ting's mum's automobile and head on to McDonalds (Come on down to MAC tonight!) for lunch. The lunch was on her mum.

This is Yi Ting. Cute huh?

And her mum's automobile. Spacious!

Her mum ordered a LOT! Nuggets, fried chickens, nuggets, fries, nuggets, drinks, nuggets and more NUGGETS! I ate quite a lot and I was bloated.

Did that chicken made you hungry? Craving for more?



Mountain Everest made from fries.

Fries of DEATH!

And 4 sauces to worship the fries.

Sweet curry, Lemon tango, Sour mustard (favorite) & Thai chili.

Another THANK YOU to Yi Ting's mother!

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