Friday, November 30, 2007

My Grandmother's Cooking

One of my grandmother's specialty...

A platter of cabbages, minced meat, maggi noodles, green noodles, bean curd, prawns, spring onions AND soup. I gotta admit that sometimes her cooking really sucks but this one is a little special. I don't know what she calls it... but it is nice.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

The School Days

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


An uncle smsing to the guy leaning against to the wall. Lol... Noting to post but this funny photo I got...

Monday, November 19, 2007

Enduring SPM

11 days, 8 hours, 59 minutes, 47 seconds left to the end of SPM examination...
Hoping for good results and currently studying the last 4 subjects. Physics, Chemistry, Moral & Accounts.

Planning a trip to Genting Highlands right after 30th Nov and that is the day when I finish my last Accounts paper. Checking out the orchestral concert by Kitaro. Love their "Matsuri" a lot. The dates of the concert are 30th Nov and 1st Dec. Pricing is about RM60~RM260(Friday)/ RM70~RM300(Saturday) and the concert commences at 8.00pm. I hope the weather will be good when going up to Genting Highlands.

*Pricing at RM328.00 onwards have special private rooms too

Good Luck to all students with their exams!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

After The Incident

This is what you get after defending yourself against robbery...

A spoiled handphone

Broken screen, out of shape and...

Unable to close the cover...

I am still suffering from a severe bruise on my right cheek but it is getting better now. Well, I'm not sure I will be able to heal that while SPM so maybe you gotta face me like this...

Do I look like a convict?

The blood from the bruise got into my eyeball covering a quarter of it but it doesn't affect my vision anyway... Just afraid of something will happen to my eye...

A patch of wound on my right knee. Disgusting right?... OF COURSE! ......

And a some scratches on the other leg.


A bottle of "Wong Yok Shui"... What do you call it in English?


Aloe Vera Gel


A brand new cellphone. K550i

At least the functions are better than my previous cellphone. Thanks, DAD! Hehe...

Oh, SPM is just around the corner... very near to the corner right now... 1 day left that means tomorrow and I am not yet ready for my BM! Well, got to make this short.
GOOD LUCK to all Form 5 and all Form 6 whom are taking the SPM & STPM examination!
I am off to study!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

My First "If You Had A Bay Day" Day

7th Nov 2007, the day when I had my first experience of being ROBBED! It's just 6 hours 30 minutes ago... the story begins...

Had my teeth brushed. Got my Physics book in my bag and some stationeries and head on to Ming Xiang's house to study and revise what we had learnt on Physics.

Mum fetched me to Ming Xiang's house. Once arrived, I got out the car and pressed the switch to sound the house bell. Took out my cellphone to call up that sleepy head (Ming Xiang).

I waved at my mum to leave as I thought I heard key sounds coming out from the house. I thought it was Ming Xiang, but I still have to wait a little while for him to get out from his bed. Once my mum has left, 2 Indians sitting on a motorcycle appears in my sight and halts in front of me. 1 of them got off the motorcycle and pointed at Ming Xiang's house and asked me "Boss Mana?". I was thinking and talking to myself in the heart, an indian asking me about Ming Xiang? WTF? As I was thinking about WHY did he asked me such question, that CHOCOLATE FACE GUY snatched my cellphone!

I startled in a while and I took action on that CHOCOLATE FACE which is going to melt in my hands, lucky for me, they were not armed. I fell down which I did not know how it happened. 1 of the CHOCOLATE FACE was waiting on the motorcycle and 1 was running. I managed to grab on to his legs making him unable to run.

Ming Xiang was still trying to wake up from his sleep. I shouted as loud as I can and it alerted some of the neighbours. At first there was a chinese guy and 2 more uncles appears like I just summoned some angels. If I have not mistaken, more than 5 neighbours came out to lend a helping hand.

In the fight, I concentrated on the one on legs. He used his helmet to whack my face but I felt weird, I didn't feel anything... I am not "lanciying"... I really felt nothing, maybe I was feeling like "I must have the phone back ignoring how I look" kinda feeling. He dropped the phone and ran away like FREAKING RATS! Now, my phone is out of shape and the screen is almost impossible to check my sms... but it is still functional.

Ming Xiang's sister reported the police. I got some wounds on both legs and a big lump on my right cheek which I look like I am gonna cry... After their escape, the one was running dropped his helmet, and both of his slippers. Surprisingly, the number plate of the motorbike broke and dropped on to the road. Maybe it could be fake or maybe when we were fighting for the cellphone, 1 of us hit the number plate? I can't recall... Finally, Ming Xiang appears.

Got some recoveries from Ming Xiang's sister. Waiting for the police to arrive. Dad came and ask me about the situation.

Police arrives and started to report about the situation. Wrapped up the evidence and me and my father went to clinic for some check up. Got the antibiotics and a bottle of medicine for the bruises.

Got to the Kelana Jaya Police Station for the report.


I won't put the blame on you, Ming Xiang. It's my own fault not telling you I would be coming to your house. My advise to all of my fellow friends, try not to use or take your cellphone out when outdoors. Happy Deepavali to those Good Indians!