Saturday, October 25, 2008

TOA Spray?

LOL! I was searching references for design project (workshop). This is what I found in the internet. Haha... The One Academy spray? Woot!?!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Egg Shell Cracking & Domino Money Action

Was walking in Ikano Centre and went to Uncle's Lim cafe to 'yam cha'. Got this cute and round egg yolk. It somehow looks more round than ROUND! Haha...

Let's add in some seasonings =)


Cracking some egg shells in Uncle Lim's Cafe... was bored =P

Let's start with 1 egg shell...

Let's move on to a larger number...

Now I wanna try something new... How about using money and make it fall like a domino? Yeah, never try that before...

Argh... sucked... Let's try again with a straw this time...

Crap... sucked again... Let's try blowing it...

Hard... ok last attempt...

Arr... fine! Although it stop at first, it looks like it has a perfect wave motion at the end, hehe... Haha, no life... playing with these stuff, BLAH!

Some Random But Creative Art

Devil Ducky

Exposed Ducky


Angry Chong Sern

Pirates of the Carribean? The Octopus fella...

A portrait

TOA Guard Zhi Ling

Minimized Meng Shen

One-eyed Ruzhafir

These are just a few random pics I have accumulated a few days ago. Just to have some fun =)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Recent Condition

These days am still rushing assignments but one thing it is definitely less than 1st semester's assignments, still able to cope up with my time management now =)

In home, I'm always craving for new songs, new artists because I need new genre or different tune of music, getting bored of the old music but not all of them. Oldies is still an "emo"-typed of song for me. Downloading series of Prison Break and Heroes to catch up with the latest episodes. I was way back... for Prison Break, I was only around season 3 episode 6 and for Heroes, I was in season 2, 1st episode... Yeah, outdated.. call me whatever you want =p Anyway, finished and the caught up with the latest episodes of prison break and that would be season 4 episode 8. Was shocked to see Sara Tancredi alive! Clearly she didn't want to act in season 2 & 3 and now suddenly wanted to rejoin the team. Was it because she found out that Michael Scofield or Wentworth Miller was GAY? Haha... Now she returns to her character and has hard time kissing Michael which she doesn't feel nothing, huh? Not so sure about that, maybe she's a lesbian? AIK! What's next for them? Well, don't wanna spoil the series... and why not watching it yourself? Sometimes really get pissed off when the movie is sounded out by someone which you haven't watch it yet... ARGH!

For Heroes, I'm still watching and am around season 2 episode 6. Enthusiasm rushed in me when I realize Sylar is still at large! Oh my god... More chaotic moments will arrive later on for sure. So far, I think he killed some people already but was unable to pursue it. Har! Tai Sei! =P Aiyo, sure can use later on. Will Peter Petrelli bring him down and save the city? I do not know! Curious!

Want it watch it now but then...

STILL have this "clock design" has to be done. Have to show the lecturers 50% of the artwork. Still got a lot to do... Outlines and a few more blanks to fill up with colours...

Recently bought a new game to for RM10 in digital mall, Crysis Warhead. Unfortunately, the game I installed can't be executed. WHAT'S WRONG? It is always showing black screen once I open the game and it hangs there for like infinity time unless I close it down... Gotta get it back for a change...

Well, I think this is it, I'm off to accomplish my assignments. Darn clock... Sien colouring it... Brings down my mood...

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Heroes Season 4

Friday, October 10, 2008

My Hulk Presentation

The 2nd presentation wasn't that good... again... Destroyed by Hua Yuan, ARGH! Sabotage me for what!? Ask me where is the Sex Appeal... Obviously the muscular body!!! AR!!! Anyway a lot of peoples' understanding are different =P

6.5 for the ad and 3.5 for my presentation this time... Therefore, my marks is 10/15 =(
Still not that good... Gotta improve myself in the 3rd presentation

Kar Leong's Finger Cutting

Something is gonna happen to Kar Leong's finger...


Alright alright... It is just a patty rubber sculptured into a finger, haha... Looks very real when it is in black and white mode. We came up an idea of taking a video of him cutting his finger, hehe...
That's what we do... TOA students... =D

Irwin: Show me some colours!!


There is more to come...

Missing My Old Pal

Travis had finally went to Australia for his studies and whatever he likes to do there. I'm missing him a lot right now... I apologize for all the things I've done to make you feel unhappy in high school but come to think of it... I didn't upset you before in high school... lol? I can remember you always being emo in class, yeah... didn't see you emo since high school... That's a good thing =)


Posting this nearly made me cry, but I didn't, cause you know I won't right, Travis? Hehe... Wait till Chen Ghee sees this...

Hope you will be happy with your odyssey in Australia now and remember to return to your homeland for "yam cha" session... We will be waiting for your return and your treat in Jogokya, hehe... Take care brother!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Chong Sern Singing In Sore Throat Mode

Finally posted up Chong Sern's karaoke singing =)

Didn't got the whole song because was lacking of memory space, sorry...

Anyway, YOU ROCK!

Adam & God Or Miki & Howe?

Which is the one true masterpiece?

Is it Miki & Howe?

Or is it Adam & God?

Donnie Yen As My Friend

His name is Chee Hoe. Is he a twin brother of Donnie Yen? Does he have any connection with Donnie Yen? I have no idea... You have no idea... Who knows? God knows...

The creation of God!

I can say... 83.8573833208401% looks like him...