Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Restaurant B' Sentral

The day was FATHER'S DAY (17th of June), my mom has already booked for a restaurant called "KOMURA" in CORUS HOTEL. At 12.00 PM, the restaurant only starts to serve for lunch. Before going to the restaurant, we have a church (FGA) to attend. We usually go for the afternoon service (10.30 AM~12.00 PM) but it would be late. So we decided going on the 1st service which is the morning service (7.30 AM~9.00 AM). After whorshipping the lord, we left the sanctuary.The time was 9.20AM, but for lunch, we have to wait till 12 noon. And where did we go? We go YAM CHA!

Where did the 'L' go?

Dad took us to Restaurant B' Sentral, It's a nice place. It's like a mamak but better, it's serves from the usual food we eat in mamak to western food, and they also serve their very own special like the Claypot Beef Rice.

Ratings: 8 / 10

MMM~~ it's tasty, it's marvellous. This is the Claypot Beef Rice and it deserves an '8' for it's well-cooked rice, aroma and especially the meat, FRESH!
We did not order this, this picture was taken at night, not in the morning. If we eat too much, we won't be able to continue our meal on the reservation at 12.00 PM.

Ratings: Teh Tarik 6 / 10 , Limau Ais 6 / 10

We ordered some drinks, Teh Tarik & Limau Ais. It is ok and normal.

After drinking some of the beverages, I feel I have to do some small business. And guess what? I found out that outsiders have to pay RM 1.00 for using their washroom, isn't that 'Terlampau' ?

Luckily I was a customer...

When we was leaving the restaurant, I noticed that the floor and the fencing are made by RAILWAY'S WOOD. My father told us that.

It is thick, heavy and old as you can see the pictures. The thickness of it is about 7cm. This kind of wood is rare and the quality is better than any other wood, my dad said that termites can't even eat through it... I can't ensure that. True or false is up to you...

Oh, there's the 'L'...

The view of Restaurant B' Sentral at night. The story continues in the next post... (Restaurant 'KOMURA')

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