Friday, June 13, 2008

Life In The One Academy (TOA)

Life in TOA really rocks! Well, I'm still working as part timer in Starbucks and thinking of resigning on July. Alright back to college stuff. As you can see, TOA is just beside Sunway Pyramid. Its convenient for shopping or to hangout with friends. Speaking of friends, I got to know a lot of them day by day.

Some Immature, some serious, some "Lan Yeng", some friendly, some bitchy, some lonely, some quiet, some irritating, some tall, some short, some "DOTA" pro, some crazy about anime, some Chinese & Malay mix, some active, some hyper-active, almost all of them in the class CD085-3. Haha... I will still remember my old close friends in my heart, don't worry :)

Here are some random pictures of me and my classmates did,

Its an art eraser sculptured into McD set?

I like the burger anyway...

This... is not mine, a friend made it.

Sponge Bob or Humpty Dumpty?

A knight.

A friend of mine from SMK Taman SEA. Anyone recognize him? He's Kok Jing. Another anime freako...

This is Gideon. Why are you laughing? Anyway, he laughs everytime.

Guess what made the can opened up like that?

Guess who made the can balanced on the table without any objects supporting?

Ok, the first answer was the teeth. Second, this gothic-ish guy a.k.a SM King...

Both answers was involved with him. Boasting his shiny sharp teeth, EEeeee... By the way, he is Howe from Canada, Toronto. Although he is a Chinese, he speaks perfect english extremely fast and can't get what did he said before... Let me see, 5~6 words per second? Well, I do about 3~4 words. I experimented that when I went for the challenge for the McD's competition.

"Two-all beef patties special sauce lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun"

Its kind of easy though once you get used to it and I got 3 free Big Macs =)

Thats all for now, gonna blog more about my college life :)

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