Monday, August 25, 2008

Badminton In Megah Court

During college, some of us planned to have badminton together. For the first time, it was Shawn, Hon Wai, Ryan, Chun How, Miki and me. Had a great match with Shawn, haha... When I was returning home, I realize that I didn't bring my house keys and my sister went out. 1 more hour, and all of us have to be at college to listen to a brief talk from our lecturer ,Stephen. So, drove to Ryan's house for a bath and he lent me his clothes. I still haven't return them, because he's always not in... After listening to that crap from Stephen, we head on to Ming Tien to "yam cha".

For the second time, it was this afternoon at 3.30pm. Shawn, Gavin, Hon Wai, Kok Jing, Wai Kwan and me was there. I was pushing Ryan to go for the second time and he kept on complaining about lack of money... and he is in Genting right now... Insufficient money but still go Genting, very nice...... Called Syafiq, distance problem. Called Elaine, distance problem... Called Miki, don't want to play and distance problem... Anyway, we had fun today. After playing with Wai Kwan, I can say that she plays better than Miki, haha... Today was exhausting than the other day, overplayed today. After the game, we went home straight. Excluding Kok Jing, went to cyber cafe after that... Drove Wai Kwan back to her house, was having some problems on the way back. Suprisingly, I was going to the right way, haha... Oh, and heard that Wai said about the timetable will be out next week.

Thanks for coming Shawn even though he had something on. Kok Jing too, came back from "kampung" as quick as possible. Gavin too, for the first time. Wai Kwan as well, although had some difficulties hanging out.


zhi_ling said...

got linked to ur blog from ah dear's blog..
nice blog uh~!

din call me up for hanging out..

brief talk from stephen?
wat's that??!!

well, the first week of our sem break is over...
i hate it~!
but ur holiday sounds interesting uh...
2 more weeks to go~
and rest more...
be prepared for the awful war!

Leonard said...

Oh sorry, I'll call you next time. Promise. Er, Stephen talk crap that day, so I considered that as a brief talk some sort of thing... wasted my 30mins and petrol just to go to college...

LOL! What awful war and what's AZAAAA~~ hahaha...