Monday, December 29, 2008

Memories Of Our Farewell Buffet With Chong Sern

Right after our early 8am figure exam, we gathered at D1 to meet up with Chong Sern. Some of them can't attend the buffet. Anyway, we had a great buffet lunch together =)

Atrium at Pyramid Hotel.


Mirror Image

Wth... Miki... What are you doing?

Real TEBU?!?

ZHAR BO! Chong Sern likes it LOL!?

Caveman Evolution!


Some Ice-cream made by someone, can't remember...

This one was Hua Yuan's, haha nipple ice-cream?

Chris saluting? haha...

Hon Wai : Let's see whose boob bigger!

Ryan : Of course mine la! You NOOB!

Kar Leong : Hon Wai play cheat wan... He blocked me... can't show my D cup...

Kongkamness Group!

See you next time and might invite you to another outing, brother! =)

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