Monday, December 1, 2008

Work, Work, Work...

Some photograph I took at the mannequin studio...

Yea right... Its not a picture... Its a charcoal drawing...

These are drawn with pencils


This is mine...

Well, the veins are to obvious and gotta reduce the lighting a little over the hands, got a B for this, hehe

For the finals will be in charcoal... I have chosen this as my figure.

Don't know how will the marks will be. Got a 81 for my previous test. Not bad la...

For Calligraphy & Letterforms class, we are told to design our names or initials into different designs and typeface. Another assignment is also the same but designing music genre.

Didn't use my initials, use all "Leonard"



For Design workshop final project, we will be designing RGB colours into meaningful design. As for mine, I have used firefighter as red, military as green, police as blue. My title for this will be 'SECURITY'.

This is just partial of the work done in Adobe Illustrator.

Viola! Another masterpiece made by me again, mwuahahaha! Give some credits to Chris too for helping me with the composition and some ideas. This I can say its much better than last semester's project work.

So tired these few days, didn't have any goodnight rest. Always sleeping in the living room for about 2 hours and wake up and continue with my assignments... Gaaaah!

Anyway, recently got a haircut near my house which I find it.... "BLEUAAYUCK"

Some people say nice, some people say "BLEUAAYUCK"... RM30 for this (S)uper (H)andsome (I)rritating (T)hingy (SHIT)... Thanks to mum... You pay! =P My sweety calls me cute now. Lol?

Here is my sis with her newly decorated masquerade. Last minute work for her friend's birthday party, wooo! Kinda nice, hehe...

Haha, only partners worked in Starbucks or coffee professional will know whats the meaning of that.



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