Wednesday, October 10, 2007

My Collection Of Chess Sets

Most of the hobbies we heard from people is collecting stamps. However, I collect chess sets. Check out this one, a chess set made by wood. The surface is completely smooth in every edges. You can just feel the enjoyment while handling the set.

For the units, they are made by small pieces of wood all carving into the original shape of chess units.



All of the units are perfectly made and well-shaped. I bought the set from Atria's side stall and this is my first wooden chess set.

The second one was from my mum's colleague. I was glad looking at this one because this is rather special than the previous one. Different casing and units, but the detriment of this set is the spacing of the square grids was too small. Although, the spacing is not suitable for the units, I can have another battleground for it like the previous chess set.

What I like about this set is the easy handling handle of the casing and of course the cool ancient-typed units.

The King is the tallest and coolest among others.



Now, my third and my most valuable set, The Lord Of The Rings chess set. This set was not bought but was trade with Bonuslink points. It gave me an exciting feeling looking at the attractive casing and showing off some of the character-typed units.

The battleground...



Wish the units were pewter. Ironically, it was made up of plastic. At least the units have their looks.

Gold (Dark Forces)

  • Goblins (Pawn)
  • Orcs (Rook)
  • Uruk-Hai (Knight)
  • Cave Troll (Bishop)
  • Ring Wraith (Queen)
  • Saruman (King)
Silver (Light Forces)
  • Sam (Pawn)
  • Boromir (Rook)
  • Aragorn (Knight)
  • Frodo (Bishop)
  • Galadriel (Queen)
  • Gandalf (King)


Ring Wraith

This chess set was worth exchanging points for it as it has only a limitation of 1000 stocks. Maybe willing to sell it off as collecter's item.

A BIG thank you to the director, Peter Jackson, for this great and successful movie LOTR. Best movie in December 2001 (Fellowship of the Ring), the late 2002 (Two Towers), and December 2003 (Return of the King).


Apple said...

Wow~ very unique hobby. and very nice chess sets! The LOTR one is really very unique.

Leonard said...

Thanks, appreciate your comment! If you want I can sell it to you? Haha...