Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Oriental Pavilion

There is an Oriental Restaurant at Jaya Supermarket at first just the opposite from here. Now another has opened in here, Jaya 33. Upgraded, more hygienic and a more comfortable place for dim sum.

As the first waitress arrive to our table, she served us with roasted pork! Siew Yoak!

Ratings: 9 / 10

Feast your eyes on the sauce, and guess what it is? I bet your first answer is mustard right? Incorrect! The sauce that you are looking at is WASABI! Yellow-dyed wasabi. Syok! I've tried roasted pork with chilly or mustard but not with wasabi before, but it is still a suitable combination. Well, actually any sauce will suit it except for thousand island and mayonnaise.

Overall Ratings (including the porridge): 7 / 10

Few platter of dim sum and Fried Mee Hoon. There's also a bowl of porridge which I didn't take a picture of it due to some inconvenience...

Ratings: 5 / 10

The worst was the Fried Mee Hoon. The mee hoon was okay but the little pieces of prawns are tasteless... Therefore, a big disappointment to the mee hoon... I can say this, the chef in Mayang Plaza is better than here.

As we were leaving Jaya 33, I tried to take a picture of the title and this is what happened to the picture... A LAMP POST interfering it! This is because the car was accelerating and I was unable to take a good picture of it...

As the car gained more speed leaving me without a picture of the title, I quickly refresh the camera and took a quick 2nd chance snap of it... WHAT THE HECK! The lamp post appeared right in front of the screen again... Feeling like I was cursed or something...

Maybe next time I'll be taking the title with an elephant blocking my view eh?

Darn lamp post...

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