Sunday, July 29, 2007

Chen Ghee And My Birthday Party At Wong Kok

July 21st, the day that Chen Ghee and I celebrate our birthday in WONG KOK. Oh, forget to tell you that, our birthday is on the same day, haha... We're in the same class, and we sit together in class, haha...

First, we met at Kelana Jaya Station at 10.30 am. We took the cab to KFC first, cause the driver doesn't know where is Wong Kok... We took a picture of us first.

Leng zhai ooo...

We walked to Wong Kok and the waitress escort us to our table. There are a lot of people coming to our birthday party (proud of it) and we need 3 tables for our people.
1 table have a space for 6 person.

People who attend our birthday party:

1. Chun Hoe

2. Hui Yee, beside her Chun Hoe.

3. Mun Keat

Mun Keat's T-shirt from the back view. Wooo...

4. Hui Hui
5. Calviny

6. Joachim

7. Yi Ting

8. Yeu Kit

9. Choong Mun

10. Chee Leong

11. Kee Chuan

12. Chee Hoe

13. Yee Keong

14. Travis

15. Teck Peng

16. Kai Loon

17. Wai Hong


18. Ming Xiang, in the mid with Kee Chuan and Choong Mun.

19 and 20 would be US Chen Ghee & ME, Leonard.

And here are some other pictures we took...

After having some pictures taken, It's time to order our food...

Let's see what's on the menu...

Which one? Which one? ... ...

All of us deciding on what to eat...

So fast for dessert, Kee Chuan?

The hand of Travis trying to take his order.

We also have some jokes while having our food and look what happens if I taught a joke to Chee Hoe...


The FOOD section:

Appetizers and the main dishes...

Ratings: 8 / 10

Not bad, in fact I like it!

Chee Hoe having some pose with the food...



The graveyard of Baked Cheese Rice.

Travis ordered this. We've got 2 BIG NAI CHA he still wanna buy other drinks... but he says that he can't drink nai cha is that right?

Eating time!

All of the food has been wiped out, and it is time for us to go to 1 Utama.

One last photo shot. Some of them were not there. Chee Leong sacrificed himself for this. Aww...

After paying about RM 300+, we head on to find cabs to 1U.

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