Monday, July 9, 2007

Meeting The Famous Blogger, Kenny Sia

We visited SEGi College on the opening day (7th of July). We examine the surroundings and the layout of the college. And there was a speech on "Blogging" by Kenny Sia in the afternoon around 3pm. Kenny Sia was like, Blogging? Who doesn't know how to blog? It is so simple. Anyway, he just resume with the talk. He told us about his skills on blogging and other extra blogs such as Dawn Yang. He is so famous for his blog that he gets 80,000 hits daily.

Kenny Sia & I

People are getting ready for the speech.

His talk starts and he kept saying:" I am very nervous, I am very nervous..." He has to leave at 4.30pm to catch his flight. Unfortunately, he miss it and has to stay in KL another day.

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