Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Ipoh's Journey

We woke up at 6.00am and start off our trip about 6.30 in the morning. We have plan on going to Ipoh for some reasons. And the reasons are:

1. Reclaiming durians.
2. Eating the famous Ipoh 'Sa Hor Fun'.
3. Purchasing some nice egg tarts.
4. For fun.

Dad drove a long distance to reach to Ipoh. As we arrive at our destination, it was starting to pour making the whole street wet.

We have our breakfast at a nearby restaurant. Just as usual, coffee, toast bread and a little snack, roast pork.

Ratings: Hot 9 / 10, Cold 7 / 10

The warm coffee was nice, but the ice coffee was a little too sweet.

Ratings: 6 / 10

Toast bread. Quite a normal toast.

Ratings: 10 / 10

Perfect roast pork, just LOVE it!

The chopsticks and chili sauce are for the main dishes.And here it is...

Ratings: 8 / 10

'Sa Hor Fun', Dry Noodles & some 'Fu Zhuok'. These are the dishes for my granny, mum and sis.

And here comes mine.

Ratings: 7 / 10

Beef Noodle 'Sa Hor Fun'. I got bored with the mee hoon.

Ratings: 8 / 10

Extra side order.

Ratings: 7 / 10

Lin Chee Kang with an egg in it. Nice and sweet but still nothing special.

After that, we went shopping, Parkson Grand. Father and I got bored of shopping and both of us went to reclaim some durians, leaving them to shop.

Here we are. A durian seller whom sold spoiled durians to my dad... After my dad told him about this situation, he open some of the durians and realize my father was telling the truth. The durian seller apologized and returns some better ones. We got ready some plastic containers to fill in the durians.

At last, we've got some better ones.

After having back some better durians, our family gather back again. We went to a shop to pack some egg tarts back home. Along the way, we saw a stall beside the road selling mangosteen and durians. We ignore it anyway...

My dad went to another durian seller whom sell much better durians which call 'Mau San Wong'. More meat, smaller seeds. They're are perfect.

Mum & dad went down for a taste of the 'Mau San Wong' durians. Mum turned around and nodded her head and shows a sign, thumbs up.

Some trees inside this picture are actually durian trees.

After all those strong aroma filled in the car, it's time to call it a day. We left Ipoh about 7pm.

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