Thursday, September 6, 2007

Got Free Time!

Ok... finally got some time. Haha, do not have to wait for 2 weeks to update... Well, exams are still progressing, so do not have a chance to travel. I'll just post about what I did these few days...

Yeah, this is what I did... study...
A parody of history which helps other people to study more easier, like me... Lazy ass!

Less wordings, MORE pictures!

Bought this book last year in Sri Tanjung Bookstore not far from my house. Cost me RM 9.50 for this comical reference book. At least I have learnt something or not I won't be able to know anything about history...

A parody of 'Sistem Kabilah'

War between the Islams and Arabians

A china ah pia having a speech with the king

6 dumb men listening to a 'Guai Lou'

Besides of learning and looking at the drawings, it gives you the MAIN points like the factors, reasons and the conclusions like these...

This is the reading part, boring... but they have really REALLY summarized the passages and have sort out to charts. No choice, have to read... History is just too MUCH!

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