Sunday, September 2, 2007

Merdeka Outing

This will be my last post for next 2 weeks because of the trials. Sorry readers! Anyway, I'm gonna talk about my Merdeka Outing on the last 2 days in 1U. This is a picture of me posing against the wall. In that 2 weeks time, probably you can just visit my blog and look at this picture if anyone of you misses me :)

We parked at the old wing, but we have to go for lunch at Esquire Kitchen. So we just have to keep walking and walking to the new wing. My mum saw these pretty hibiscus plant and took some pictures of it. I posted it anyway...


We walked and walked and finally reach to the new wing and its my turn to take some pictures. Example of a picture I took...

This bright shiny armor displaying outside of the action figure shop.

A few more steps and we arrived to our destination.

The Homestyle Shanghai & Sze Chuan cooking.

Their specialties:

Last time we came before and tried their Tung Po Meat, and this time we will try their Shanghai Sui Kau. We ordered few main courses and some side orders.

For the main course, we ordered the...

Ratings: 6 / 10

This is not mine, it's my father's. I tried a little bit of it's soup and it's OK. Not too salty. For the noodle part, I don't really know. So, the ratings will be just above average. The price for this is lower cause it is plain noodle with soup, RM 3.90.

Ratings: 7 / 10

This is my mum's order. Full of nutritious strips of carrots and cucumber sprinkled on top of the noodles and with 'Char Chiong' underneath. RM 7.90 for this.

Ratings: 8 / 10

This is mine. The Stewed Beef Noodle. I like the beef, soft and tender. The noodle is nice because it satisfies my taste buds. RM 7.90 for this dish.

For the side orders, we ordered...

Ratings: 4 / 10

It was quite normal. Doesn't have an interesting taste. It's like eating lousier 'Siew Mai'. RM 5.80.

Ratings: 9 / 10

This was the best among all. The Japanese Eel with chopped garlic above. Just love chewing the meat! Well, good food will have a higher price of course, RM 25.00.

Ratings: 7 / 10

Here are some soft Flower Buns for dipping the sauce from the eel.

Ratings: 6 / 10

And this Bean Curd. All bean curds are just the same, the different part is their sauce flavor. It's OK, but the price is not satisfying. RM 12.00, too much for this...

There are also a lot of branches all around other shopping malls.

After our lunch, we rest and I stroll around, looking below...

Looking in front...

Looking at the BIG tele...

We walk quite a long time and we went to MPH bookstore. My mum & grandmother went on searching for books as me and my dad sat in the MPH cafe for a cup of Teh Tarik.

Ratings: 8 / 10

Not bad. Even a bookstore cafe can do good Teh Tarik. RM 2.50 each.

Another 30 minutes gone and mum finally come searching for us. She brought a book for us to see...

The Art of TALKING to ANYONE book

This book shows us how to communicate with others, it's good for dummies like me... I took some pictures of the book that I should read.

Most Chinese Malaysian, sometimes pretend to listen to other people speaking and they want to avoid talking about that subject. But they listen to it anyway, and they will say this word...

Am I right? Mostly la...

To stop a conversation from continuing, try these...

After that reading and long walking. The time was about 5pm. We head on to have a little snack.


Ratings: 10 / 10

I LOVE Jack Potatoes a lot! Lovely! Must try this!

Ratings: 7 / 10

Sandwiches for all of us.

Ratings: 8 / 10

And healthy fruits. Fresh!

Ratings: 7 / 10

And a few drinks.

We went back home about 7pm, and I get ready for my tuition lesson at 9pm.

Well, this is my last post for the next 2 weeks. After 2 weeks, remember to come again!
Keep in touch readers!

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