Saturday, September 1, 2007

Atria's Side Stall Souvenirs

After having our bodies heated up and sweaty from the sauna. My sis coax dad to give her some cash for purchasing groceries from the nearby shopping center, Atria. I accompanied her to the market. My sis complained about having a lack of sausages in our home, so... we bought some with 2 packs of fresh milk and some instant noodle, "Cintan" branded. While on the way back to meet up with our parents, we saw a side stall selling souvenirs. It's just beside Nelson's but it is demolished and has conquered by a florist shop. What are you doing Han Cheng? Where's your Nelson's in Atria? Er... if anyone of you doesn't know who is Han Cheng, he is the son of a father who owns Nelson's, a rich kid... :p

Another picture from my lousy phone

The stall sells humongous vases all patterned with Chinese art like these...

And some 3D effect orbs which looks very cool like these...

Some tiny dolphins inside the orb

Orb with some Chinese art inside it

And a whole lot of SHIPS! From big ones to smaller ones.

The most interesting one was the GIGANTIC PEACOCK!

It is made from wood. I'm impressed by the artist's skill who carved this BIG BIG BIG BIG BIG peacock.Guess what's the price? RM 5,000? RM 10,000? RM 20,000? RM 50,000? Nope... but RM 75,800! That's the price of 3 proton SAGA. Even our 'Beetle' can't beat the price of this.

Volkswagen, Beetle

There was a sale, a discount of 50%. The price will be reduced to RM 37,900, but It's still freakin expensive!

Sis posing with the peacock

A better view of the GIGANTIC peacock

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