Thursday, September 20, 2007

Ssangyong Showroom

Trials are over and the diagnostic exam is on... Diagnostic is for like babies, the only thing you need is a brain that functions... because it is all common sense... Like for instance, a question states that the frequency of the 'thing' is 6Hz and it ask us "What is the frequency of that 'thing'?"... Obviously 6Hz!
ANYWAY, I am posting about what have I went to for the past few days and not any examinations for babies or whatever DIEgnostic test...

This is where I went to...


It's around Bangsar Village.

This is the automobile we test drive on...


Something similar to Hilux but this is much more powerful. And something caught me in the eye when I first looked at it. The front view looks like some kind of "Transformers-looking", and that is the part I like the most.

Does it look like Transformers to you?

Optimus Prime?

The back view.

A whole lot of space for your tools.

The inner view, the audio system.
This car cost around RM150,000+ and it is good to have one now, but... instead of buying we tested out the ride.

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