Monday, September 1, 2008

Aiming For A Speaker

Today at noon right after church and lunch, me and my family head on to Courts Mammoth. We walked around at the ground floor kind of long. Was checking out some refrigerators, stoves, flasks and a lot more related to kitchenware.

Went up to the first floor, gadgets and stuff are fully loaded on that floor. Was falling asleep that time and just sat on a comfortable chair facing a big screen television which costs RM11,999. After a short nap, I woke up and realized my dad was playing a game with a steering wheel and accelerator beneath, Need For Speed Carbon. Haha... bang a lot of times.

Before leaving the first floor, I was attracted by a speaker brand "Altec Lansing" pumping music with beats and bass. I was captivated by it's sound system and the design. As I put my hands near the sub-woofer, I can feel a strong and hard wind blown towards my hands. Thus, I asked for the price of that speaker. Unfortunately, the staff replied that it was only a display set and they are out of stock, sigh...

So, I strolled to the speaker section. Checking out the others and one of them attracted me again. It was a cool design, with a sub-woofer. Didn't take a picture of it... Ok, then I requested for the value once again and the staff couldn't find the price of that particular speaker, while others have their price tags labeled on the shelves. Only the one I was going to purchase... The staffs said that the stock was kind of new so it takes time to get the code and the price of the stocks. Should be out by next week.

The staff also introduced a different brand "Logitech" with a sub-woofer to me. Wasn't falling for it... Altough the price is cheap, costing RM109. Compared to "Altec Lansing", only speakers without sub-woofer already costs RM128. I guess there is a lot of difference... So, I'll be waiting for my speaker next week and I'll make sure that I'll take the pictures of the speaker, hehe...

I'll be waiting for you =)

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