Wednesday, September 10, 2008

First Assignment, Accomplished!

After receiving 3 assignments in the first day back in college, I got the spirit in finishing one of them. Started work at 9pm to 3am. It doesn't take that much time actually because was on msn chatting with friends. Got the sketch done first and then the essay. The question asked was about:
a) Imagine 10 years time in the future
b) Imagine 100 years time in the future
c) Imagine 1000 years time in the future

We are asked to answer either 2 of them in essay form with a minimum 250 words, and the other will be a sketch of the environment in the particular time zone.


With the help of the movie "Wall-E", I came up an idea of this sketch in a 1000 years time. Yes, it's a negative thinking but then who agree with me it will be something like that? People who agree with me, I salute you. People who disagree with me, I won't blame anyone. Earth might survive in a 1000 years in the future, who knows? God knows!

Finish the essay around 3am+, and went to bed straight away...

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