Saturday, September 13, 2008

Huei Ling Birthday Party In Wong Kok

11 September, Huei Ling Birthday Party was celebrated in Wong Kok.

Before entering, got a cool pose from Travis. Hehe...

This pose and background tells me that "Time Flies".

There she is, Huei Ling. Happy Birthday! =)

Chee Hoe was there.

Joachim was there even though you're sick? How touching... What you learnt from NS? Sacrifice?

Chen Ghee was there.

Calviny & Yeu Kit was there too.

Ming Xiang was there.

Yi Hao was there.

And me, was there.

"Ganas" look...

Some group pictures...

Beanie Brotherhood!

Some solo pictures...

Yihao, a new student in TOA. =D Yes, new challenging tasks awaits you!

Wow! Really look like Hancock!


Mine =)

Some random pictures...

Where is Travis going?

Effect was turned on, that is why it look like painted.

"Old Town White Coffee Chen Ghee"

"Glowing Travis"

Had a long meal, 30 minutes eating... 2 and a half hours chatting and laughter. Having fun with the Big 'Nai Cha', everyone felt high after drinking the 'nai cha', haha... All talking nonsense! We didn't had cake because it was eaten last few days ago.

I was the camera man. Leonard is absent! Noooo... anyway, I am very happy that day =)


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