Monday, September 29, 2008

Presentation Day!

Everyone dressed up formally and ready for the presentation... are you, Syafiq?

Syafiq: "Of course... not... I'll leave it to my partner, Wai Kwan. Mwuahahaha"


Ruz: "Omg, WHAT THE!?"

Gideon : "Howe, look at my advertisement. Yeng le?" *Smile*
Howe : ".........yeah........" *Whatever-look*

Wai's shiny smile suits the bright shiny shirt, EEEEEE..... =3

Me in my formal shirt, yeah!


Let's check out what the class had done so far for their advertisement...

Wai Yern & Mei Linn

Ruzhafir & Elaine

Kin Yaw & Kwok Yong

Chin Yau & Ka Long

Hua Yuan & Hon Wai

Howe & Kar Leong

Chris & Meng Shen

Gideon & Zhan Yang

Miki & Mark

Ryan & Shawn

Gavin & Chun How

Zhi Ling & See Jek

Ivan & Licia

Kok Kin & Nurhayati

Wai Kwan & Syafiq (The most interesting advertisement, should gotten higher than 7.5...)

Leonard (ME!) & Kok Jing (Free Barney, haha...)

Got a 6.5 on my advertisement and 3 for my, that will be 9.5 over 15...
How sad... was expecting higher than 10+

Tomorrow we will be getting our presentation 2 introduction. Get ready!

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